What was your overall vision?

We originally wanted to get married in the North of France but since most of our family lives outside of Canada, we thought having it in Toronto would be exciting for a lot of our guests! After having our engagement in my family’s homeland of Vietnam, we decided to go with the French country theme and bring it to Toronto. I wanted to incorporate chic country with the modernity of Toronto in shades of muted blues (like all the rooves of Paris), white, grey and gold. We also wanted to be sure to have elements from both our cultures so for example, we had stationery and speeches with all 3 languages.

How many guests did you have?

We wanted to keep our wedding intimate but since my side is so big, we got it down to 80 people plus vendors.

How did you plan your own wedding?

We had a fairly long engagement of 1.5 years so I had time to plan the wedding.. along with all my clients’ weddings! It also helped for all the family flying in to have some time to plan as well. Thank you to my entire Bisous Events team for executing everything seamlessly on the day-of… thanks Lori, Hilary & Kat!

Bisous Events Toronto wedding planner The Great Hall wedding Photography by Evolylla Photography

What were your favourite moments?

There were so many amazing moments! Here are just a handful:

  • when my dog, Misu, walked down the aisle with my sister
  • during our photoshoot, we stayed at a cafe down the street to get some juice and pain au chocolat!
  • MY DRESS! I absolutely loved it. It was the perfect muted champagne undertones with delicate lace to give that vintage flair while having a modern cut and mesh overlay. I did have a veil but decided to not wear it last minute.. to not ruin my hair!
  • our ice cream stand that came after dinner had so many toppings and flavours. We even got our names stamped on the cups to match our invitations
  • the late night dance party! So many people stayed to dance all night with us… it was the absolute best!
  • … and of course, becoming Mrs. Auvray!
  • after the wedding, I couldn’t sleep after getting our wedding photos from Ally.. she did such an amazing job! I loved reliving the day. I love candid documentary-style photography and Ally did it perfectly.

As a planner, what were your favourite decor elements?

I absolutely loved the mix of vintage and modern – the brass bowls used as vases vs. the modern cutlery, the historical venue vs. the non-traditional bridesmaid dresses. I also loved the stationery by Paula Lee Calligraphy: the linen menus, the linen screen-printed seating chart and the custom place cards that also functioned as napkin rings and key chains!

Did you change anything last minute?

I decided to opt out of wearing my veil, changed my bridesmaids dresses 1 week before, I changed the venue a little over a month before the date and on the day of the wedding, I opted to switch the direction of our ceremony entirely!

If you could do it again, would you change anything?

Overall, not really! We had so much fun, the weather was unbelievable, I felt so pretty, the food was delicious, the flowers looked stunning and our guests were so happy.

Tips for other brides:

  1. Get a liquid lipstick. Although, they are very drying, just moisturize your lips and use it as a base; it will ensure your lipstick lasts all day without getting on everyone, including your new husband!
  2. Give yourself time in the morning to get ready. Rather than sleeping in and rushing through your hair and make-up, give yourself ample time to do touch-ups and to keep yourself from getting frazzled.
  3. Hire 2 photographers if it can work in your budget. While you’re taking family photos, your second shooter can capture all the candids and reception details or in the morning, no one needs to get ready extra early.
  4. Make sure to join cocktails at some point. This is a great way to say hi to all your guests in a casual way and enjoy yourself!
  5. Keep your guest count down. One way is only allow plus 1s to those in serious relationships.
  6. If there are language barriers, make sure there are elements to involve all parties. Try multilingual stationery, alternating between speeches in different languages, incorporating activities that everyone can get involved in like a photobooth, and playing DJ sets with different culture’s music or older international hits like Madonna or Michael Jackson.
  7. Find a quiet spot for your First Look. It’s less awkward when a ton of people aren’t staring at you and its a great moment to get some quiet, intimate photos of just you two.
  8. Bring a change of shoes and attire. You may choose to stay in your stunning wedding dress all day but at least you have a back-up just in case. You’ll most likely require that change of shoes though! A couple bandaids on hand may also come in handy.
  9. Don’t over think your speech. Short and sweet always wins along with from the heart.
  10. Make sure you eat your entire meal before hitting the bar too hard. You want to make sure you aren’t drinking too heavily on an empty stomach.
  11. Hire a planner! Your photos will show and your guests will sense your stress so invest in someone that can ensure your have as little to worry about on the day as possible.

Thank you to everyone that made this day such a beautiful one for our guests, family and ourse

lves! Full credits below.


Mrs. Jessica Auvray

Bisous Events Toronto wedding planner The Great Hall wedding Photography by Evolylla Photography Bisous Events Toronto wedding planner The Great Hall wedding Photography by Evolylla Photography Bisous Events Toronto wedding planner The Great Hall wedding Photography by Evolylla Photography

Planning: Bisous Events 

Photography: Ally Ho from Evolylla Photography 

Florist: Flower 597 

Venue: The Great Hall

Stationery/calligrapher: Paula Lee Calligraphy

Suit: 18 Waits / Shirt: Saks / Shoes: Nordstrom / Pocket squares: Tytan Ties

Dress: Ines Di Santo / Earrings: Laurie Fleming Jewellery

Hair: Puzzle Creations / Make-up: Glow by Mimosa

Caterer: Provisions

Rentals: Gervais / The Perfect Table / Plate Occasions / ChairDecor

Cake & cake pops: Dolled Up Cupcakes

Photobooth: Selfie Time

DJ: Docteur Mephisto

Ice-cream: Monsieur Wilson

Video: TN2 Productions



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