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How to get legally married in Toronto, Ontario – The difference between Ontario Wedding License & Certificate

You picked out your wedding flowers and wedding dress but… what about the wedding documents?! Here is a step-by-step on what you need to know to be legally married

1-3 months prior: Apply for Ontario marriage license at City Hall or online

This can be done online – click here are the online form and more info is available here
Fee: $140 in Toronto (outside of Toronto can be as low as $125 outside of GTA)
Required: 2 official pieces of ID (ex: passport, license, birth certificate, citizenship) (cannot use Health card or SIN)

The license can be issued by 1 spouse in person with both original signatures and ID for both at City Hall. It is valid for 90 days so do not purchase it earlier than 3 months prior.

1 week before: Give your officiant your marriage license

Your officiant will fill out the info required and bring it with him/her to the ceremony.

Wedding day: Sign your wedding license during the ceremony

You will sign your sign your wedding license; your officiant will tell the couple and your 2 witnesses where to sign and your officiant will give you your “Record of Solemnization of Your Marriage” with a seal. Yay… you’re married!

After the wedding / within 90 days: Name Change

Legally change your last name (if applicable) without charge – after the 90 days, a fee will be applied – this includes hyphenate and a combination of both names
Option 1: You can also continue to use your last name as it is not required after legal marriage to change it.
Option 2: You can also “assume” your spouse’s name without legally changing it. You can simply show your marriage certification issued by the Office of the Registrar General as proof the marriage took place and issue rebised identification.

12 weeks after your wedding: Send in your Request for Ontario Marriage Certificate

(if married in Ontario only)

This is not automatic so you do have to apply for this after your honeymoon. This cannot be done earlier as they need time to register your wedding on their end once your officiant has filed that the wedding has taken place (can take up to 10-12 weeks).

Note: A marriage licence is different from a marriage certificate. You apply for a marriage certificate after you get married.
Click here for Online Form for Ontario Wedding Certificate / Can be done in person (check website for more info)
Send to: Office of the Registrar General
PO Box 4600
189 Red River Road
Thunder Bay
P7B 6L8

Fee: $15-$22 (more if done after a year after the wedding)

If you have been divorced previously, the process is a little different, check out the website above for more info.

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