Celebrate Untraditional Valentine’s

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Or is it just another day of the week?

Being a wedding planner, I should always be advocating for more flowers and gestures of love, right? Of course I love celebrations of love! However, you may be a lover but not a lover of Valentine’s Day. Here are some ways to celebrate your special valentine and show your love in an untraditional way.

1. No red flowers.

I’m definitely not saying no flowers but perhaps trying a different colour palette like white and green flowers or even a cactus? They smell just as lovely and have the same effect without having to pick out what’s left of the red blooms once all the early birds get at them. Find out if her favourite flower is in season in a non-red colour (rates for red blooms goes up in February) and mix it with some other seasonal flowers and greenery.

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2. Write each other the corniest cards your can think of.

Rather than trying to be super romantic, how about tapping into your cheesy romantic side? Try a poem that rhymes or busting out more glitter. Doesn’t hurt to watch some romantic comedies starring Adam Sandler together too!

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3. Palentine’s Day

There’s plenty of days to celebrate your love for your significant other but what about making an effort in celebrating your bridal party, your mom and/or all your close pals! Just like 3rd grade, get a set of valentines and write sweet nothings to your ladies.

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4. Celebrate love for everyone you love!

Valentine’s in Ontario falls just 1 week before Family Day so why not celebrate it as a family. Get all your loved ones together for a fun casual, red-filled dinner! Red foods: beets, tomatoes, red meat and raspberry sorbet! Maybe not in that combo…

5. Make your own traditions that are non-traditional

Make valentine’s the day you make tacos or intentionally wear matching outfits. The point is to show you care and there are endless ways of doing so. My soon-to-be husband and I have started a new tradition where we cook together and write each other a silly card.

Happy untraditional Valentine’s everyone and no matter if you’re the romantic type or not, find a way to say “I heart you” in a way that feels genuinely you!

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Photo by Mike Rousseau

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